The elixir of love- an opera

Every year, NZ opera performs to schools around New Zealand, including Strathallan. This modernized opera took place in the school hall on Thursday, 24 March, 2016. The school enjoyed it very much, and some memorised the story…………….

The modified version of Elixir of love starts in Jax’s fish and chips shop, where Nemo, a shop boy, falls in love with Adina, the owner of the shop’s daughter.

But when Nemo is about to tell Adina how he feels, a famous movie star tries to win her heart. Desperate to marry Adina, Nemo asks a potion salesman for an ancient potion, the Elixir of Love.

But the salesman does not know how to make the Elixir, but, wanting to get paid, the salesman makes Nemo drink something non-magic.

The movie star comes back, and organises a wedding immediately. With a broken heart, Nemo gets a job as an extra.

But soon he gets an opportunity to tell Adina how he feels and her wedding with the famous movie star is cancelled.

Nemo then marries Adina and the fish shops name is changed to Nemo’s fish and chips.

Written by Evie.
Pictures by Daniel.