World Challenge Team trip to Ecuador – Blog Three

Hola de RioBamba!

After 4 exhausting days we have finally completed the trek phase of our expedition, climbing to 5000m up the magnificent Chimborazo volcano.

Measuring 6310m from it’s summit it is the heighest mountain from the centre of the earth so our achievement is a pretty impressive one, especially since it is one of the hardest treks World Challenge offers. Over the first 2 days we travelled over Chimborazo’s ecological reserve admiring the beautiful scenery and occasionally spotting wild lamas roaming the hills. Yesterday was definitely the most challenging working against the weather, terrain and altitude yet we managed to make it up to 4600m by crawling up far too many steep, rocky cliffs. Today we first walked up to a refuge at 5000m and a small group even made it to 5200m, then began our descent back to civilisation. Though our guide was definitely lying when he said it was all downhill, after 4 long hours we completed our trek with a private bus waiting to deliver us to our hotel, where the luxury of hot showers and fresh clean clothes were greatly appreciated! Tomorrow we rise at 5 am to travel 6 hours or so to Guanabana community, where we will be working hard for 4 days so expect little contact until our return to Quito on the 18th.

Muchos besos;

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