World Challenge Team trip to Ecuador – Blog Four

Buenos noches de Quito!
This afternoon we arrived back in Quito after an unforgettable 5 days spent working with a community in Guanabana. Our time was divided between refurnishing buildings or building from scratch, which for many of us felt like endlesss tedious painting, and spending time with the community getting immersed in their beautiful, vibrant culture.

Even as we arrived the community members were friendly and inviting, and over our stay the feeling of connection grew immensely as we were treated with the upmost respect and warmth. The children especially were a favourite amongst the team, many making devoted friends – though we were repeatedly shown up in games of football. Our help and donations were clearly well spent and very gratefully recieved, highlighted through the cultural display and meal organised for us on our final night where the community and team truly connected through ceaseless dances and laughter.

It was with a tearful goodbye that we sadly departed this morning to continue our journey, yet our final phase is one that has been highly anticipated and will no doubt be even more enthralling and enjoyable than we hope.

Hasta luego!

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