Year 10 Camp

This week our Year 10 students have been away at their school camp at Kokako Lodge in Hunua. They’ve been busy taking part in a heap of fun and exciting activities such as high ropes, raft-building, low ropes, archery, abseiling and a 3-4 hour tramp!

Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award – Bronze Tramp

Eleven students from Years 10 and 11 completed their final qualifying tramp for the Adventurous Journey section of our Bronze Award this term. It was a challenging weekend with a wet Saturday and very muddy tracks but that didn’t deter our spirits and we all rose to the challenge. The Adventurous Journey is opportunity to work as a team and develop leadership skills. The goal is to develop navigational and campcraft skills as well as pushing us physically as we have to carry our packs up some challenging tracks. The sense of satisfaction as we reached our final destination was huge and there was a great feeling of relief.

Australian Mathematics Competition Success

ACG Strathallan entered 14 students into the Australian Mathematics Competition this year. Hundreds of thousands of students in primary and secondary schools from around 30 countries sat the AMC on 28 July.

Once again ACG Strathallan students impressed as all 14 students achieved Credit certificates or higher.

High Distinction (Top 3% NZ): Adam El-Khatib (Yr8), Zack Perkin (Yr8), George Liu (Yr9), Jack Foster (Yr10)
Distinction (top 20% NZ): Ju Sung Kim (Yr8), Ethan Kyle (Yr8), Serena Jou (Yr10), Rawiri Mahue (Yr10), Astrid Lewis (Yr10), Cindy Lee (Yr11), Joshua Sinclair (Yr11), Chris Ahn (Yr12)
Credit (Top 55% NZ) : Jane Huang (Yr9), Liam Nelson (Yr10)

Because of their outstanding scores Adam El-Khatib and Zac Perkin in year 8 (pictured), were invited to attend an extension workshop run by the Australian Mathematics Trust in October. They also got to receive their certificates at an awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of the top scorers in New Zealand.

The AMC provide the students with an extra opportunity for external recognition. Certificates are often kept by students for their folios. They are well understood by employers and so can be used as evidence of problem-solving ability.

Congratulations to all students who entered and performed so well.

House Picnic

Angus, Batten, McLaren and Wilkins joined together for the annual House picnic this afternoon before competing against each other in a range of activities, from catapulting to orienteering. Competition was fierce but friendly and the sunny weather made for a fun day for all.

Tramping Club Walk

Our ACG Strathallan tramping club have been very busy this year walking the tracks in areas in and around Auckland.

Last weekend’s walk proved to be a favourite, despite the weather, as students explored the spectacular walks of the Karangahake Gorge.

Sights included the remains of 19th century mine buildings and exploring the mine tunnel, complete with torches and glow worms.