Year 8 Maths

Year 8 Maths students are having fun in Maths this week playing ‘guess my number’ using divisibility rules and number properties while Chloe Ross presents her project on special numbers.

Sonny Bill Visit

Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to host the legendary Sonny Bill Williams in our very own school theatre.

This visit was in honour of the Webb Ellis Cup, won by the All Blacks in 1987 and then back-to-back in 2011 and 2015.

But that wasn’t the most memorable part for our students, as Sonny Bill gave an inspiring and personal talk about his journey of getting where he is today.

As questions were asked, he focused on three main ideas which were being persistent and driven toward your dreams, sticking to your true values and taking all the opportunities you can.

Sonny Bill told us to “stay grateful and positive for what you have especially if you’re having a bad day”, because the way he viewed our school is a place full of potential and opportunity.

Year 9 Volcanoes Trip

Recently, our Year Nine classes ventured to Mangere Mountain as a part of their topic on volcanoes in their Social Sciences course.

After having constructed models of these geographical landmarks as part of a project for their classes, it was time for a visit to the real thing. There, they were taken on tours all over the mountain courtesy of some very informative park managers, while being encouraged to take photos for a small competition within the year group.

As a part of this trip, the Year Nines also visited a lava cave on a nearby farm, where they were able to see solidified lava hanging from the roof.

Additionally, they gained the useful knowledge of how to evacuate the city in the event of an eruption, something that we hope will never happen but that we need to be prepared for.

It was great for the students to engage in some on-location learning, while getting a fair amount of exercise too, given the amount of walking involved.

The Lion King Production

This term the year 4-6 are going to perform a production called The Lion King Jr which is based off The Lion King movie made by Disney. We have planned to have Zebras, Hyenas, Nala, Simba, Mufasa, Sarabi, and all of those other characters. We will even have all of the songs that are in the movie.

At our music sessions we are practising the moves for the animals and Hyenas we are also practising the words for them and the songs.

I am feeling excited about the Production we are doing because I have never been in a Production before and because it is a big thing in the school and it would be so fun to go and be a Lion King character.

At music for the Lion King we have been learning a lot of things including the change of notes, the way we sing and learning where to stand or do the actions for the production of the Lion King.

I am a Hyena, and I am excited to actually wear the black clothes and the tail and the yet undecided head. I chose hyena because I didn’t want to be a plain animal like a big chunk of people. I didn’t want to be a super main character either because I am partly shy.

Tom Blackhurst
Year 6 ACG Strathallan

Primary School Camp

Hello my name is Arjun Sharma and I am in y6 of ACG Strathallan. This year we are attending a camp set up by the school, we are going to Papamoa and doing lots of exciting activities.

On This 3 day adventure we will be living the classic camp life, sleeping in cabins and using zero electronic devices. The plan for the 27th March is for us to get on the bus by around 8:45-9:00 am after that we will be on the bus for 1 hour and 15 minutes before stopping at Karangahake Gorge for a quick snack and play. Then after around about another one hour and fifteen minutes we get to the final destination – our camp site.

The boys will be sleeping in Beach Lodge and the girls in Collins Lodge where everyone will come together for dinner. The main idea for most of the days is to get out of bed at 7:00 am and get ready for the day, after that we will have breakfast before stepping onto the bus once again to go to our activity location.

I am very excited about this opportunity and look forward to it. I think that this will be an adventure that I will never forget.

By Arjun Sharma

School Swimming Sports

The crowd waited in silence as the first swimmers readied them-selves on the diving boards… We waited. Clap! The silence broke with the crowd cheering and chanting names, with the swimmer’s neck to neck in a fast racing manner; That’s what I thought our swimming sports was like.

On Monday 27nd February March ACG Strathallan Primary went to Massey Park Pools to compete in our whole school swimming sports event. It was a hot day in the sun and the day was a great success. The people who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th were chosen to go neck to neck in the interschools held on Friday 17th March where Strathallan came 2nd overall.

By Thomas Tilsley. Year 6

Art Trip to Wellington

On Monday 13th of March, a group of 26 of us who study either A2 photography or A2 & AS Art flew to Wellington for the day. The main purpose of the trip was to visit the City Gallery to see an exhibition of Cindy Sherman’s photographs.

Sherman is an American photographer who uses herself as the model of her works, changing her appearance by wearing different costumes, make-up and wigs. She has been described as one of the most influential artists living today so we were really lucky to be guided through this significant collection of her works.

As part of the trip, we also visited the Portrait Gallery and Te Papa which was a great experience, as we participated in a “Portraits and Identity” programme and explored the rest of the museum, including Peter Jackson’s ‘Gallipoli’ exhibition.

Visiting the art galleries was so beneficial to all of us as we were able to take away inspirational ideas and incorporate them into our own work!

Year 7 Camp

Lauren Aylward and Yvonne Keene sum up their experience at their “amazing year seven camp at Kokako Lodge”.

After spending a morning completing some tasks that required them to work together as a team, students left school for Kokako Lodge, a purpose-built facility in the Hunua Ranges. After settling in to bunk rooms and having lunch they grouped together to find out what was planned for the afternoon…

As soon as we got to camp, Mr Thomas sprung a surprise on us. “Hey everyone, guess what? We’re going on a five hour tramp!” I’m sure everyone wanted to go, despite the groans and although the way up the track was painful – for our legs and our backs – when we got to the top, it was a great view, making it all worthwhile!

The next surprise was announced after dinner on that night – the Burma trail. We all know that a Burma trail is supposed to be scary, but strangely it was the boys who screamed the loudest! Of the many ups and downs, the scariest part was Mrs Le Vesconte hiding by the path and screaming in everyone’s faces as we walked by. After that things calmed down a lot as we went on to explore the glow worms. Since the sun had set, the night was shining with millions of glow worms. It was like the stars were stolen from the sky, hung up on trees and placed on rocks by the river.

The next day the students experienced a range of challenges from rock climbing to ABL and abseiling to orienteering. But perhaps the most ‘popular’ of these was the ‘Flying Kiwi’. Lauren and Yvonne: If you are afraid of heights, come try the Flying Kiwi ….. and make your fear worse! The Flying Kiwi is an awesome activity at the lodge. You get pulled by the ‘wings’ of the team members whilst wearing a harness, and you soar up into the air about 15 meters above the ground. This activity is exhilarating and requires you to trust your teammates and to believe in yourself.