Urban Areas Field Trip

Our AS Geography class recently took a trip into Auckland CBD, looking at the expansion of Silo Park and the History of Auckland in the 19th Century during the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. The trip is one of our case studies, linked to our learning around Urban Areas. We viewed the development of the city from the top of the Sky Tower and took a tour through the different suburbs of Auckland, from Newmarket to Otara, looking at settlement patterns. We then ended our tour at Manukau with a presentation form the Auckland council explaining the expansion of housing through Flat Bush. All valuable material to refer to when answering those tricky exam questions!

Geography Field Trip

Our IGCSE and A2 Geography students spent a day at Waihi Beach yesterday studying the impact of coastal erosion. After a morning of tuition from a specialist from ‘Learning Journeys’, the students enjoyed  fish ‘n’ chips on the beach before spending the afternoon planting pingao, a native grass used to help support the regeneration of the sand dunes.

Club of the Week: Media team

The Media team for 2017 is a team made up of 8 senior students who have a passion for writing articles, contributing to Strathallan’s social media or taking photos at school and community events. The team is led by Mrs Pryor, the Deputy Principal and English teacher, along with the Media Liaison, Janelle Ng-Waishing, a year 13 student who is part of the executive committee for Student Council.

Strathallan’s student blog, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are all covered by the media team and we report on all school events, sports, student or team achievements as well as community events our school is involved in.

Every Thursay lunchtime we meet to discuss upcoming events, contribute new and creative ways for things to be posted and go over articles/photos that have been sent through by the team. The weekly meetings are always fun and inclusive of all members, and it is a great way to meet new people and get to know others with the same interests!

Joining the media team gives you the opportunity to have your writing and photographs publicly posted. The media team has weekly pieces that are used to recognise the clubs around the school, Club of the Week, where a media team member visits the weekly club meeting and reports back about what they do and why they do it. We also do #ArtoftheWeek on Instagram where an english, art, photography, design or music piece is chosen to be posted every Friday so it can be acknowledged by others.

AS Economists go to the source of the gold

In Economics, we learn about how our economy functions and how the money flows within it. AS Economic students struck it rich on Friday when they were fortunate enough to see the highest unit of currency, gold. Students took a 2 hour trip to the town of Waihi, famous for its gold production in New Zealand. On this trip, a tour guide working at the Waihi Gold mines took the students around the large sites showing them the processes of extracting gold, from the digging to the end results of gold bars, as well as informing them of the heavy government intervention in place that minimizes negative externalities the mine has and maximises the benefits. The trip gave the students an insight into the treasures of the ground which overall was an enjoyable experience of being in the shoes of a gold miner for the day.

AS and A2 Chinese students explore university courses

Recently, a group of AS and A2 Chinese students took a trip to Auckland University to have a tour around the language facilities there. The students took a train into the city, arriving at Britomart Station, before making their way to the university’s facilities nearby.

For much of the day, they were taken on a tour of the department, and given guidance about how the Chinese language course at the university was structured, what other degrees they could do, and potential exchange opportunities. The day concluded with a question and answer session, before the students made their way back to the college in the afternoon.

Jai Mitchell-Hendry

Club of the Week: Writers Club

In the often-sunny room of F23, every Monday lunch, a group of students come together for the Writers Club, a sometimes collaborative, sometimes individual time where they all work on personal writing projects.

The Writers Club is a very open and free experience, the number of attendees fluctuating on a weekly basis, depending on whether individual students have anything to bring along and work on, or to seek feedback from others about. The whole point of it is to encourage people to write for their own enjoyment, not out of obligation for either homework, or an upcoming assessment.

With a variety of resources on offer, ranging from magazines from the 1990s, filled with tips on writing that are still highly pertinent today, to Mr Dearman, the club’s leader and author of multiple books himself, right down to the students themselves, who are all extremely positive about their writing. Together, they work on plots, characters and writing prompts, the latter of which are provided on occasion.

The students are all positive about their hobby, and if you have even a passing interest in how enjoyable creative writing can be, the Writers Club is a highly-recommended visit.

Kings Band Festival

Twelve college students attended the Kings Band Festival to combine their musical skills with pupils from various other schools. Most came from the Auckland region but some traveled from as far away as Wellington. After practicing together for two days, they were lucky enough to get the amazing experience of performing in the Auckland Town Hall on the final evening. It was a professional performance complete with lighting and sound effects and even confetti cannons! A highlight included performing a piece that included the Town Hall organ, the largest instrument in New Zealand. All the students learned heaps, made some new friends from other schools and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Club of the Week: Senior Ball

Once a week the ball committee organizes a meeting every Wednesday during morning interval. The members of this committee are split into small groups, each focusing on organizing different aspects of the school ball. These small groups include participating in the organization of photography, transport, food, decorations, ticketing, posters and most importantly discussing the theme.

This year our school ball was held on Saturday the 10th of June at The Wharf, Northcote Point. The attired theme was “La Forêt Enchantée”, also known as “Enchanted forest”.

Ben Christy, a very passionate member of the group says, “People are a part of the ball committee because they want to become an active member in one of the key events of the senior school year. As a whole, students have willingly joined the ball committee as they want to be involved in making our final ball the best it can be!”

Kiran Morar ‘Your Education New Zealand’ runner-up

Year 12 art student, Kiran Morar, has been accepted for a student exchange to Italy for the Summer through ‘Your Education New Zealand’. He applied for a scholarship by making a poster about why he wanted to go and submitted this along with a one page essay. Kiran created a beautiful postcard and painting and won runner up with a prize of $1000.