Author Visit

Year 8 English students were given tips on how to write an autobiography from a local author this week. Annalie Malins tells more:

On Wednesday, we met the author of the published books, ‘Bruce Wants To Go Faster’, ‘Ed Climbs a Hill’ and ‘Jean Dreams of Flying’, all biographies of inspirational Kiwis.  Dreydon Sobanja showed us what it is like to write biographies.  We learnt how Bruce McLaren had many traits such as persistence and 19 other keen traits to get him so far towards his goals.  We learnt the true story of how Bruce McLaren became famous and all the hardships he had to face to get there.  Dreydon shared so many helpful tips of how to write a successful autobiography and forged towards our goals in life.

Leadership Camp

The 2018 Student Leadership team had a great start to the new year with an awesome weekend away at YMCA Camp Adair, Hunua. The camp started with an exciting white water raft ride at the Vectra Whero Park in Manukau followed by two days of activities in the Hunuas.

The leadership camp is an opportunity for students to get to know each other and build a strong team spirit, which will most certainly be key to their success this year. We are all looking forward to what 2018 brings and the positive impact our Council and House Leaders will have on the Strathallan community.