Sporting Spirit

Students dressed in red, green, blue and yellow flooded Massey Park on Tuesday to take part in a variety of events to support their house at this year’s Athletics Day. Events ranged from the competitive such as high jump and shotput to novelty events like the sack race and gumboot throw, giving everyone the opportunity to take part. With the encouragement of their peers, students joined in, sometimes stepping out of their comfort zone, to earn points for their house. The SOS and student council provided drinks and sausages, and there was a constant queue at the ice cream van!

The atmosphere at Massey Park was fantastic, but perhaps the highlight of the day was the relays as we cheered for our friends, fellow classmates and house members to cross the line first.

There were some great individual achievements throughout the day and Angus took out the house trophy. Well done to all who took part throughout the day and congratulations to our age-group winners:


Senior Boys             1st            Daniel Tilsley

2nd=         Tristan Penfold and Duncan Campbell

3rd           Harry Doherr


Senior Girls             1st           Mckenzie Northcott

2nd          Scarlett Billingham

3rd           Eden Doull


Intermediate Boys       1st  Maverick Hayes

2nd  Matthew Swales

3rd   Liam Nelson


Intermediate Girls    1st  Charlotte Francis

2nd Briar Engelbrecht

3rd  Stella Lynch


Junior Boys               1st Taine Cantwell

2nd  Ryan Wood

3rd   Josh Teague-Dolan


Junior Girls              1st  Ella Grayson

2nd Siobahn Balle

3rd  Libby Murphy


Y8 Boys                    1st  Ethan Foo

2nd  Luke O’Connor

3rd   Archie Camp


Y8  Girls                   1st   Annalie Malins

2nd  Sophie Donaldson

3rd   Sacha Chambers


Y7 Boys                   1st    Jeremy Foo

2nd   Xavier Balle

3rd   Ben Morgan


Y7  Girls                    1st   Abby Engelbrecht

2nd   Georgia Lynch

3rd    Kaide Toia


Shakespearean Insight

It was a scorching day as 41 Year11 students headed out to the Pop-Up Globe at Ellerslie Events Centre to view their very popular performance of Macbeth. The fans and iced bottles of water for sale aided our ability to endure the two-and-a-half-hour show as groundlings.

The aim of the trip was to provide us with a better visual understanding of the play, which it most definitely succeeded in achieving. Everything from the blood and gore to the outstanding acting, made sure that the story would embed itself into our minds. It gave us the context we needed to proceed with our English literature study of the play for our IGCSE exams later this year.

Personally, having Shortland Street star, Amanda Billing, playing Lady Macbeth was an interesting way to engage in the show as I have enjoyed watching her in the television series for quite some time. But her great acting skills and interpretation of the role was not the only thing to remark on. Almost every other character maintained great energy and enthusiasm throughout the play, keeping us (literally) on our feet as they fought and cried and laughed and danced on stage. Shakespearean banter was shared between the audience and actors during parts of the show, with some of us ‘wearing’ the blood and urine sprayed liberally into the groundling area during some scenes. The realistic nature of it made many of us squirm.

The Pop-up Globe was an amazing experience for students and staff. It was a great opportunity to expand our grasp of Shakespeare and allowed us to approach learning in a way that couldn’t be taught through a textbook. It will certainly make our reading and understanding of ‘the Scottish play’ much more enjoyable.

Shakespeare Alive: The Merchant of Venice

Shakespeare Alive: The Merchant of Venice

The one school trip that our teachers actually want drama on, our annual visit to the Pop-up Globe Theatre, took place last Friday. Rather aptly named, the faithful replica of William Shakespeare’s theatre reappears every year in the gardens of the Ellerslie Racecourse.

With several productions on stage throughout the season, it gives Language, Literature, and Drama students a rare opportunity to watch the texts they study performed on the stage for which they were written. Having studied ‘The Merchant of Venice’ for IGCSE English last year, viewing this performance added a new dimension to our appreciation and understanding of the play and enabled us to consider the performance aspects of the drama texts we will be studying for AS and A Level this year.

The talented cast certainly brought the drama to life; highly skilled, comedic, and nuanced performances truly breathed new life into Shakespeare’s work. There were also plentiful audience interactions, as well as surprisingly relevant subtext and humour, which allowed us to form a more personal comprehension of this classic play.

There wasn’t a single one of us who didn’t enjoy the experience – not bad for writing some four centuries old.