Boys on Tour: AIMS Games Football Tournament

The first day of the tournament was very tough. The boys playing extremely well in their three games, including playing two of the tops seeds in our pool. Although coming away with three losses (Maeroa 3-2, Tauranga Intermediate 4-0, and Albany Junior High 2-1) the boys have shown that they are willing and able to battle with anybody and put in a tremendous effort both on and off the field.

They ended the day some sore and tired bodies but enjoyed some sumptuous burgers and dessert for dinner prepared by our two camp mothers, Bonnie and Sally, and guest Master Chef, Mr O’Connor – good fuel to prepare them for day 2. The boys are representing the College, their families and themselves well.

Strathallan Sporting Achievements

Shaayan Sarker year 9
Qualified for the New Zealand Under 14 Indoor Cricket Team
My team and I train for about 2 hours every Sunday and we’re training really hard right now for Tournament which is coming up in 33 days. We’re going to Christchurch to play against a few other teams. I was firstly selected for the Auckland under 14 team and then from there, I went to Christchurch to qualify for the national team in front of professional New Zealand selectors and players. My main goal is to become an outdoor cricket player so indoor cricket is just step one for me. To achieve a place in a higher team I just worked really hard and trained heaps for the position.

Leevy Wells year 10
Qualified for the New Zealand Under 16 Touch Development Team
Training right now consists of lots of fitness tests and play because we go to camp in a few weeks for trials to get into the official national team. Professional New Zealand players will select the final team of 18 out of 30 and then that team gets to go to Australia to play against Australian teams. My main goal is to play Sevens Rugby next year so Touch is a good start. In order to get into the development team I stay focused on Touch Rugby and don’t get distracted by other sports.

Benjamin Morgan year 7
Qualified for the Counties Under 13 Hockey Development Team
We train every Wednesday and Sunday for an hour and a quarter and practice things like fitness, tackling and passing. We also go to Tournaments and play other teams. Soon we’re going to the Bay of Plenty to play. I started playing for local teams and then went to trials where spotters were selecting people for the development team. I went to Auckland to get the final decision for the team I’m in now. Improving my hockey skills is my main goal for now. I got into the development team by training a lot and keeping on trying.

Tom O’Sullivan year 8
Qualified for the Counties Hatch Hockey Team
Training happens every Sunday morning at 8:30 and we do drills and passing skills like ‘follow your pass’. I did three trials to get into the team, one of them was drills and two of them were games. At the first tournament, there were 20 players and a few were dropped. I play hockey for enjoyment and I hope to be doing it even as I get older. I trained a lot with my siblings and in a lot in my free time to get into the Hatch Team.

Netball Premier team season ends well

The Girls Premier Netball team have had an incredible season, making history by defeating teams they have never defeated before. They came away with 8 wins and 2 losses, moving into the Premier Final against a very strong Pukekohe High School Premier team. After a hard-fought match, they trailed by 4, placing second in the Counties Manukau Secondary School Competition but heads were certainly held high. Our new coach Kim told us at the beginning of the season ‘a happy team is a successful team’ and we are most certainly a happy and passionate team, excited for UNISS held at the Mount in early September, with the desire to continue striving for success whilst maintaining a gratifying netball environment.

2018 Talent Quest

Our three days of Talent Quest heats culminated in a final that really showcased the tremendous talents of our students.

First up was year 8 student, Minh Ho, with an electrifying guitar performance followed by year 7 Maddie Walker whose vocal performance of a classic musical was beautiful and vivacious. Bommi in year 13 with her hip hop choreography lit up the whole gym – she was very focused and is a super talented dancer! Following Bommi was Saara in year 8 who performed a very special traditional Indian dance. Her connection to the music was very moving and was felt through her whole performance. Next was ‘Washington Heights’ a group of students from year 10 to year 13 who performed a rap-style musical song about what they would do if they won the lottery. It was extremely entertaining! After that act was a trio of musicians who played their version of 21 Savages ‘Bank Account’. It was superbly unique and they are all very talented! Next up was Kaide who’s hip hop dancing was entertaining and full of enthusiasm, followed by Gianni with a touching and emotional song that she wrote herself. The last performance was Kyle in year 13 who played the electric guitar – another amazing performance.

While the judges deliberated we were treated to a very special guest performance from a few members of the teaching staff who entertained us with dancing, singing and a whole lot of laughing. It was a difficult decision, but the judges finally decided on their top four.

Congratulations go to the:
1st Place : Washington Heights
2nd Place Equal : Gianni-Mia Attrill-Dowling and Kyle Mahadevan
3rd Place : Kaide Toia

Well done to everyone who took part and a special thank you to the Student Council for organising the event and to the judges for their time.

Boys 1st XI Football

The 1st XI football boys have had a hard-fought season in the Counties-Manukau regional competition this year. Although the final result was not as rewarding as we had hoped for, it was evident on the playing field that significant progress has been made throughout the season by each individual to make an overall stronger, better-looking football unit.

Our season did not start to the standard we would have liked and we knew we were missing that little bit extra to change our game completely. After a series of team discussions, we came up with key aspects of the game we would work on. Once these problems were identified the quality of football we were playing increased drastically and is only continuing to increase as winter tournament week approaches.

Despite the exceptionally young team this year, the boys have shown a huge amount of courage and determination. I am very hopeful for the future of Strathallan boys’ football. We are all amped for the tournament and look forward to achieving the goals we have set.