High Distinctions at the AMC Awards

Congratulations to Zac Perkin (year 10) and Kevin Fan (year 9) who received High Distinction awards at the 2018 Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) Awards Night held at Selwyn College.

A High Distinction award is given to students who achieve in the top 3% of participants in their region, in this case, New Zealand so this is an outstanding achievement for Zac and Kevin.

Thousands of students participate annually in the AMC from over 30 countries and success in this competition is very highly regarded globally. Often top students in this competition are invited to participate in development camps and training sessions for national competitions.

Speakers at the ceremony highlighted how important skill in mathematics is in today’s world. We heard from Dr Tanya Evans from the University of Auckland who stressed that we are in the Era of Mathematics and showed us the how mathematics is behind every key development. We were reminded that in today’s world it is not necessarily what you are qualified to do that is most important but how you think. And behind those thinkers is mathematics.

Congratulations to our great thinkers and budding mathematicians Kevin and Zac!