Our year 9 students recently spent two days at Camp Adair in the Hunua Ranges.

Year 9 Camp was a great experience for all the students and teachers who were involved. We stayed at the camp for two days and did activities such as team building, a trapeze, and a confidence course.

The confidence course is an obstacle course that goes through many different challenges such as: going over and under logs, going over a swing and climbing a wall as a team. The confidence course was divided into two parts, a wet part, which was full of mud and a dry part. Our group did the wet part first and nearly everyone in our team got covered in mud from head to toe.

Another activity that I really enjoyed doing was the teamwork course as we had to work together as a team to overcome challenges. This really helped us become closer as a team, and improved problem-solvingĀ skills. My favourite challenge was getting between platforms using two wooden planks (both of which were shorter than the distance between the platforms). We thought of a strategy together and everyone cooperated with each other so we got through the challenges very quickly.

At camp, we also socialised and made new friends with our teammates and with the people in our cabin. We ate at a table together and had a large amount of time to socialise with each other. We made new friendships and strengthened our old ones. The new students integrated with the old students very well.

Overall, year 9 camp was an amazing experience for everyone involved and It was filled with great activities. I, and everyone else involved, would definitely go to year 9 camp again.

by Mitchell Faint, Year 9