World Vision Youth Conference 2019

Recently, some of our student leadership group attended the World Vision Youth Conference, which focused on empowering and encouraging students to be our future leaders for justice and equality.

Millions of young people around the world face injustice and inequality every day of their lives. While many see news of war and disaster almost daily, few feel empowered enough to step up and challenge the status quo. The World Vision Youth Conference focused on changing this by encouraging students to challenge what it means to be a leader and to lead for humanity.

The conference had a number of speaker sessions, collaborative exercises and interactive workshops available to provide students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills. The speakers at the event inspired our leadership group to act and encourage others to stand up for young people experiencing injustice and inequality and be leaders of global change.

Key speaker Julia Zhu discussed how we as leaders could use our platform for young minds to come together to build our social awareness and learn how our actions can help put a stop to global injustice. Another speaker, Chris Jupp, also shed light on global inequality and how leadership with purpose can make a real difference. Listening to these speakers sparked a passion for justice, and really gave us as students an opportunity to channel our potential for leadership.

A special and sincere moment was experienced between all students when speaker Abe Nouk shared with us a poem he wrote after hearing about the devastating Christchurch shootings. His poem was as follows – “Signs we are flowers to blossom; the sun is shining. As we wake aware some flowers will not blossom by no fault of their own, we will accept the responsibility to water ourselves with compassion and grow in loving unity.” Listening to his heartfelt words inspired me, and other students, to open our hearts and minds to really see the people around us in this world.

The World Vision Youth Conference had a great impact, empowering us as students to advocate for and lead social change in our local and global communities. The influence this conference has left ensures that we use our position as leaders to leave a profound effect on others for years to come.

– Kelda Elborough