Secondary Schools’ Mooting Competition 2016

Last month, nine year 12 students including myself were lucky enough to participate in the Secondary Schools’ Mooting Competition at the University of Waikato’s new law school.

While the night itself gave us the opportunity to make oral submissions to a real District Court judge, a nerve-racking but thoroughly rewarding experience, there was a large amount of preparation that went on beforehand. From reading through precedent cases and the law, to crafting written submissions with the help of a lawyer and Mrs Rabulall, the process challenged all of us to consider how the law actually works in court and educate us on what the law as a profession entails. Ultimately, everyone involved really enjoyed the competition and many hope to participate again next year.

Strathallan Becomes Live with Grandparents

On the 11th of May 2016 it was Grandparent’s Day at ACG Strathallan. At the beginning of Grandparent’s Day all the students gathered in the hall. The grandparents have taken time off work, or their holiday to see this mini concert.

The excited students performed to the grandparents. The junior choir sang Zippidie-Do-Da and then the entire school sang, “I Do not Like Green Eggs and Ham.” Then the marimba group performed a piece but unfortunately Ms Leggett, the music teacher, was not there to see this all fall into place.

After the performances in the hall, the grandparents spent time with their grandchildren in the classroom. They shared their own experiences of what schooldays were like for them and compared this to what they saw happening in the classroom today. IPads and computers were very new to many of them. “When I was young classes were over forty children but I was at a country school, where all ages were in the same class,” said Mrs Daniel. The students of ACG Strathallan got to show their grandparent(s) around the school including the playground and vegetable garden.

After this adventure around ACG Strathallan the grandparents went to have morning tea back in the hall and return to normal life.

By The Year 4 Blog Team

The elixir of love- an opera

Every year, NZ opera performs to schools around New Zealand, including Strathallan. This modernized opera took place in the school hall on Thursday, 24 March, 2016. The school enjoyed it very much, and some memorised the story…………….

The modified version of Elixir of love starts in Jax’s fish and chips shop, where Nemo, a shop boy, falls in love with Adina, the owner of the shop’s daughter.

But when Nemo is about to tell Adina how he feels, a famous movie star tries to win her heart. Desperate to marry Adina, Nemo asks a potion salesman for an ancient potion, the Elixir of Love.

But the salesman does not know how to make the Elixir, but, wanting to get paid, the salesman makes Nemo drink something non-magic.

The movie star comes back, and organises a wedding immediately. With a broken heart, Nemo gets a job as an extra.

But soon he gets an opportunity to tell Adina how he feels and her wedding with the famous movie star is cancelled.

Nemo then marries Adina and the fish shops name is changed to Nemo’s fish and chips.

Written by Evie.
Pictures by Daniel.