Author Visit

Year 8 English students were given tips on how to write an autobiography from a local author this week. Annalie Malins tells more:

On Wednesday, we met the author of the published books, ‘Bruce Wants To Go Faster’, ‘Ed Climbs a Hill’ and ‘Jean Dreams of Flying’, all biographies of inspirational Kiwis.  Dreydon Sobanja showed us what it is like to write biographies.  We learnt how Bruce McLaren had many traits such as persistence and 19 other keen traits to get him so far towards his goals.  We learnt the true story of how Bruce McLaren became famous and all the hardships he had to face to get there.  Dreydon shared so many helpful tips of how to write a successful autobiography and forged towards our goals in life.

Sonny Bill Visit

Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to host the legendary Sonny Bill Williams in our very own school theatre.

This visit was in honour of the Webb Ellis Cup, won by the All Blacks in 1987 and then back-to-back in 2011 and 2015.

But that wasn’t the most memorable part for our students, as Sonny Bill gave an inspiring and personal talk about his journey of getting where he is today.

As questions were asked, he focused on three main ideas which were being persistent and driven toward your dreams, sticking to your true values and taking all the opportunities you can.

Sonny Bill told us to “stay grateful and positive for what you have especially if you’re having a bad day”, because the way he viewed our school is a place full of potential and opportunity.